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Welcome to Moral Stories For Kids.  My name is Susan Ream.  I am the wife of a faithful man and a mother to three grown children who make me proud. I am also very blessed to share life with eleven adorable grand kids who fill my love cup … and it overflows.

I have been a Pastor’s wife for most of my life. Whether in ‘formal’ ministry or not we are all called to ministry.  We are His personal representatives to a world who does not know Him.

Through the years, my wish  to encourage Christians on their journey has grown into a passion. As a  Freelance writer I have several blogs on many topics including Healthy Living, Christian Topics, Biographical, Motivational, Family Living, Fiction and more.   I write for advertisers as well as for my husband’s business, Indoor Environmental Systems

Forgiveness Girl

Forgiveness Girt

The creation of this Blog came from a desire to feed into the future generation and equip parents to teach their children good moral principles through story.

When my own children were little I told them many stories created out of my imagination.  My kids loved my goofy yet purpose filled stories.  They asked me to tell them again and again.

My experience with my own children; in acting out and rehearsing these fun-filled adventures, gave me an opportunity to witness the wonder and awe sparkling in their eyes.  I saw how the story characters influenced my children’s every day lives.

Today the memory of those precious story times are a part of  my heart.   Those wonderful days of long ago are the foundation and motivating force behind the creation of this Blog Moral Stories for Kids.

The morals taught in moralstories4kids will present the thought process and lessons learned from a child’s perspective.  The lessons will often involve a child’s recollection of what mama, papa or Jesus says.

The character qualities and morals will also be acted out and talked about among the characters of the story. I would love to hear from you and welcome your suggestions, pointers and encouragement.  If you read one of my stories to your kids, I would especially be interested to know if they like it.

By  Susan Ream

Comments on: "About The Author" (7)

  1. Hi, I saw a tweet roll by from someone else telling about your blog. I am also a Christian and write middle grade fiction (8-12). I would like to think that my books build character…I would ask that you read and determine that. The series is called The Apple Grove Gang and it takes place in 1960. The first 2 books are on my website as well as my e-mail.
    I would be more than happy to gift them to you for review consideration. I am looking forward to hearing from you.
    Kind Regards,

    • Hello H.C.B., It is a pleasure to meet you. Glad you found a tweet about my blog on twitter. It is difficult to know how to get the word out there without publishing. I see you have published a kids series too only it is geared to kids a bit older. Although I would say mine are geared toward the child who is 7 – 11. I guess we do overlap here. :)

      I would love to look into your work … right now I am in the midst of writing several articles. I am completing the next chapter in Little Emily’s Life and I have a few to complete on Hubpages … heard of it? It’s a great site where you get alot of feedback on your work.

      All this to say, I would be glad to receive your gift of books and I will load them on my Nook for review when I can squeeze it in. Usually when writers block hits me. LOL

      Thanks for dropping in and I welcome your review as well. Writing for kids is a new venue for me … though it has been in my heart for a long time. Any Pointers?
      God Bless You brother!

  2. Olayinka Adebimpe said:

    Well done ma. I really appreciate all your works they are inspiring! I am fully convinced that you are building tomorrow’s generation in character and in thought. I am a pastor here in Africa and i will appreciate it if you can give me a copywriter of some of your moral stories for publishing. i would be glad if you can grant my request. thank you ma.

    • Thank you Pastor Adebimpe, I am not sure what you mean by a copywriter. Would you explain what it is you would like and what you will do with the stories? God Bless YOU!

  3. Olayinka Adebimpe said:

    Thank you ma. I mean copyright, that is the privilege to have access to your moral stories and permission to publish it here in my country. thank you ma.

  4. Yes you have permission to publish moral stories for kids in Africa but you must also publish it with my name as the author of the stories. My full name is Susan Jill Ream. I would also like to see a copy of the published works. Does that work for you?
    I will be adding to this story in the future.

  5. Olayinka Adebimpe said:

    thank you ma. I will do that by God’s grace.

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