Moral Stories for Kids

Hi kids and parents, my name is Susan Jill Ream. I am a wife to a faithful man, a mother of three grown-up children, and Nana to eleven precious grandkids. I have served as a pastor’s wife most of my life.

As a Pastor’s wife, I taught children, leading children’s choirs, Awana groups, children’s Christmas pageants, working with a team for Vacation Bible School and teaching Sunday School.

I am drawn to children and their unabashed love for life, their transparency, and their teachable spirits. It was a natural process to take my passion for writing and fit it to a child’s heart.

My goal is to capture a child’s imagination and teach them through story. I have written and published two children’s books. In the Love Lilly Series. The book titles are Lilly’s Colorful Spots and a Christmas edition called Lilly’s Colorful Lights, by Susan Jill Ream.

Teach Through Story

I dedicate this blog to kids and to the adults who take time to invest in kids’ lives. The storys’ in Emily’s Little Life impart practical examples of character qualities like integrity, obedience, compassion, responsibility, forgiveness and more.  If through my writing I reach kids’ hearts and create a desire to build character, it will be an incredibly worthwhile use of my time and abilities.

I believe that we, as those who influence, are given a sacred responsibility to invest in children’s lives everywhere.  Children are the future.

Why I Wrote Emily’s Little Life

Short Stories for Kids

The Series, “Emily’s Little Life,” is a kid’s story that builds character. Through Emily and the characters in each story, children learn about character.

You may wonder what inspired this series, and how I got started. When my children were growing up, I purchased a series of books with stories that taught character qualities, such as integrity, honesty, gratitude, responsibility, and more. I have searched for these types of children’s books for years with no success. A vision birthed one day; it that became a reality when I sat down and created this children’s series.

Story Characters who Possess Morals

Emily’s Little Life captures a little girl’s thoughts and impressions of her world. Through Emily and her friends, character qualities emerge. Your child will absorb these qualities through the thoughts, feelings, and lessons learned in Emily’s Little Life.

Kids Say The Darndest Things

Good Moral Stories
Moral Stories For Kids

Kids say the darnedest things. Over the years, I have collected many words and phrases from the kids in my life. Most of the sayings have come from my grandchildren, but I also have used the words from other children.

I saved these words in a file to preserve the cuteness and humor of them. I now realize these words, thoughts, and winsome conversations are treasures. I use them in my writings to convey a child’s perspective.

I have kid tested the chapters of Emily’s Little Life with my grandchildren. They laughed, “awed” and got excited as they listened to me read. They recognized phrases, sayings, and situations which were obviously something they said or did.  After reading the story to them, they asked when I was writing the next chapter. It was just what I had hoped I would hear; like music to Nana’s ears.

I encourage your comments. I would love to hear how your child responds to Emily’s Little Life.

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