Lilly’s Colorful Lights

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in Michigan. The past two days we have soft white twirling flakes falling everywhere. Oh, how I love this time of year.

Since Christmas is coming soon, so are the days of shopping for the ones we love. If you have little one’s may I ask that you take a look at the newest book in my Children’s Series?

šŸŽ„ The Christmas edition of the Love Lilly Series is called Lilly’s Colorful Lights

In the Love Lilly Series, the main character is a delightful eight-year-old, named Lilly. Lilly is sure to capture your child’s heart.

In ‘Lilly’s Colorful Lights,’ Lilly takes you and your child on a fun filled adventure which soon becomes a mystery. As Lilly sits under the tree, waiting for the mystery to unfold, she is reminded of the heart of Christmas.

Enjoy connecting with your little one as you remember the reason for the season.

Order your copy of Lilly’s Colorful Lights today.

Merry Christmas and God Bless you and yours!

A Fun Children’s Book; Lilly’s Colorful Spots

Hey there Friends,

Allow me to break this series to introduce my new children’s book, Lilly’s Colorful Spots.

Moral Stories for Kids gets more traffic than all of my other blogs, and I have quite a few. I took the hint. I wrote and illustrated my first children’s book.šŸ™‚

Allow me to introduce Lilly.  She is the star of my new kid’s book, called Lilly’s Colorful Spots.

This children’s book is actually a type of forerunner. I published this story first because it really grabs kids attention. I’ve witnessed my children get caught up in the mystery behind Lilly’s ever-changing colorful spots. Iā€™m hoping to hook kids everywhere with the love of Lilly. šŸ™‚

My real passion is to produce a series of books on moral stories for kids.  The topics are designed to build character qualities like kindness, integrity, loyalty etc. The stories will be the type you find on this blog.

Lilly’s Colorful Spots is a story I told my children when they were little.  They asked me to tell them the story over and over and over again. They LOVED it.

I tested the story on my Grandchildren, ages 4 – 12. I wasn’t sure the oldest ones would get into it but I was surprised, they laughed and lit up with each new revelation. Even my teens laughed and smiled BIG when I told the story to the little ones.  They LOVE it too!

To illustrate the book, I did a photo shoot with my youngest granddaughter, Brooklyn Rose. Brooklyn’s cartooned pictures are used throughout the book.  I am sure her sweet little face will endear children everywhere.

The ebook is only $3.99.  I like the paperback better because kids like to carry books around and browse them after they hear the story. The paperback is $7.99.

I would be ever so thankful if you would leave a review, on after reading the book to your kids. Your review will help my book get discovered.

I would also LOVE to hear how your kids and/or grandkids responded to Lilly and her Colorful Spots!  šŸ™‚  Please leave your comments here.

May God bless the investment you make by reading stories to your kids. I have included a link … where you can find Lilly’s Colorful Spots.

Click Here to Watch a VIDEO INTRODUCTION starring Brooklyn … voice over by yours truly. šŸ˜‰

You may purchase the book by clicking here: LILLY’S COLORFUL SPOTS

God bless you, and thank you for your help!