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Invest in a Child’s Life

Years ago I took a creative writing class in children’s literature.   It made sense to take this class because I loved to write and understood the value of investing in a child’s life.

Emily’s Little Life is a kids story that builds character. Through Emily and the characters in the story, kids will be learning about the value of possessing character.

Teach Through Story

I have always been drawn to children and their unabashed love for life, their transparency, and teach-ability.  It was a natural process for me to take my passion for writing and fit it to a child’s heart.  My wish is to capture a child’s attention and teach through story. This website will be the place I will write kids stories that build character.

I dedicate this blog to kids and to any adult who takes the time to invest in their lives.  The stories in Emily’s Little Life impart practical examples of character qualities like integrity, obedience, gratitude, compassion, responsibility, forgiveness and more.  If I carry out the goal of reaching kids hearts and drawing them into the desire to live lives of character, it will be an incredibly worthwhile use of my abilities and time.

I believe that we, as those who influence, have been given a sacred responsibility to invest in children’s lives everywhere.  Children are the future.

Children Are Teachable

Children's Story about Joy

Young children are impressionable and teachable. It is vital to instill these character qualities in a child’s life while they are young. My passion to communicate character qualities grew stronger after having children of my own.

A properly nurtured child protected the evils of this world, glow with innocence, wonder, and gratitude. This child is like a blank slate. Children learn from what they see, hear and experience through their sphere of influence.

A Children’s Series that Teaches Morals

Short Stories for Kids in English

You may wonder, what inspired this series, and how I got started. When my children were growing up I purchased a series of books with stories that taught character qualities such as integrity, honesty, gratitude, responsibility, and More. I have searched for this category of children’s books for years with no success. A vision birthed that day, one that became reality when it dawned on me that I could write a children’s series that teach morals.

Story Characters who Possess Morals.

The story’s name popped into my head as I was thinking of the best way to teach a child important truths about morality. It appealed to me to write a story that would capture a little girl’s thoughts and impressions of her World. I named the children’s series Emily’s Little Life.

As the story of Emily’s Little Life unfolds character qualities and lessons, learned in Emily’s world, are sprinkled throughout. The child reader will learn from story characters who display different character qualities. The characters in the story learn lessons about integrity, responsibility, honesty and the many attributes of goodness and godliness.

My goal is to convey these character qualities through the thoughts, feelings and inner workings of living life and learning lessons in Emily’s Little World.

Kids Say The Darndest Things

Good Moral Stories
Moral Stories For Kids

Kids say the darnedest things. Over the years, I have collected the unique sayings and words I have heard from the kids in my life. Most of the sayings have come from my grandchildren but I also have used the words of other children.

I saved these words because I wanted to save the memories. I now realize these words, thoughts, and winsome conversations are treasures.  I have used them in my writings to convey a child’s perspective.

I have kid tested the first three chapters of Emily’s Little Life with my grandchildren who laughed, “awed” and smiled as they listened to me read. They recognized phrases, sayings, and situations which were clearly something they said or did.  After reading the story to them, they asked when the next chapter would be finished.  It was just what I had hoped I would hear; like music to Nana’s ears.

Your response to each story is encouraged. I would love to hear how your child responds to Emily’s Little Life.