SELFISHNESS – Will Selfishness Spoil Little Emily’s Day?

Taking a Stand Against Selfishness

In Chapter three of Emily’s Little Life, we learned that Emily will spend her Happy Saturday with her friends Miley, Katie, and Sara.

The girls experience some trouble in this chapter. One of them will try to take over and be the boss.  Emily takes a stand against selfishness. One girl gets mad and stomps home.

It is Emily’s favorite day, and she wants nothing or anyone to spoil it. What will she say to help her friends hurt feelings and back to play? Will Selfishness Spoil Little Emily’s Day?

Play Day

Emily’s chores are behind her and mama approved. Feeling happy, she ran out the door feeling like a bird set free from its cage.  The blazing sun stopped Emily in her tracks.  “Wow, it’s super bright out here!” Emily squinted and stood still while her eyes adjusted.

Fluffy white clouds hung in the sky.  As Emily studied the clouds, one of them caught her attention. “That one looks like an elephant.” Standing in the rays, Emily closed her eyes and bent her head back to feel the warmth on her face.  “I love it! It is a perfect day for play.”


Emily’s friend Miley lived across the street. Miley was Emily’s age, but she didn’t go to school with Emily. Miley went to a private school.

Miley was taller than Emily and she wore glasses. Emily thought the glasses made her look smart. Miley had short, dark brown hair that poofed out in the back.  Miley told Emily her hairstyle is a Bob. Emily thought it was a weird name considering Miley was a girl.

Emily liked to play with Miley, but sometimes she didn’t.  Every time Emily and her friends played with her, Miley tried to take over telling everyone what to do. Emily liked to be the boss too, but Papa told her she could not always be in charge. He explained that when you only think about what you want; you are acting selfish. Emily figured no one taught Miley about selfishness.

Emily shared her little life with Miley from time to time, and today was one of those times.

Muffin Puts On a Show

Molly’s Dog Muffins

As Emily walked toward Miley’s house she heard Muffin barking up a storm.  It didn’t take much to get Muffin going, especially when someone came to Miley’s door.

Before Muffin’s fur was combed she looked like the mop Mama used to wash the kitchen floor.  It was hard to see Muffins eyes, her unruly fur covered them.  Although her eyes were covered, she romped through the house as fast as her little legs could go. Muffin put on a show for Emily. Muffin never failed to send Emily into fits of laughter.

Emily prepared to greet Muffin. She knocked on Miley’s front door. When Miley opened the door Muffin jumped on Emily as if to say, “Finally, you came to play with me!” Muffin barked and danced while jumping on Emily over and over again.  Her tail was wagging like it was on fire. Emily laughed and bent down to hug her neck. In return, Emily received slobbery kisses.

Emily backed away from Muffin. But Muffin continued her show by spinning around in circles on her back legs.  Miley and Emily laughed as they watched Muffin show-off. Emily got lost in Muffin’s escapade. Miley glanced over at Emily and smiled affectionately.  I’m so happy Emily came to my house, Emily is the kindest girl I know, and she’s fun to play with too.  

When Muffin tore through the house on another mission Emily asked, “Hey, Miley do you want to come out and play with me?“Sure, I’ll go ask my mom and grab a jacket.”  As Miley took off toward the kitchen Emily hollered, “You won’t need a jacket, the sun is out and it is getting  hot!”

Miley asked her Mom she if she could play with Emily.

“Sure, Miley, but stay in either our yard or Emily’s okay?”

“Okay Mom, we’ll be at Emily’s.”

And off she ran to grab Emily’s hand and head out for an adventure.

The Sun Follows Me

As the two girls crossed the street Miley was chattering away.

“How about we play house? I’ll be the Mom and you can be my little girl.”

Miley smiled happily as she looked at Emily. But Emily had that familiar glazed-over look in her eyes. The stare meant Emily was in her own little world thinking her own little thoughts.  Miley felt her cheeks get hot.  She knew Emily did not hear a word she said.

“Emily!” Miley scolded,

“I’m talking to you!” 

Emily blinked and squinted at her friend,

“Miley have you noticed that everywhere I go the sun follows me?”

Miley wrinkled up her face in confusion,

“What do you mean?” she chided.

“Look,” explained Emily as she pointed to the sun.

“When I walk this way, the sun follows me and when I turn, the sun turns with me.”

The More The Merrier

Just when Miley was about to tell Emily that the Sun most certainly does not follow her, the Anderson sisters, Katie, and Sara came running up to.

“Hi guys,” Sara called out, “Can we play with you today?”

Before Miley could answer, Emily addressed the girls,

“Yes, of course, you can play with us, the more the merrier.”

Emily thought the sisters were so cute. Sara was 6 years old. Her baby-fine blonde hair fell softly and framed her angelic face. Her big blue eyes, the color of the sky, were serious as they studied you.  When she was afraid or excited, she had the habit of twisting her hands over and over.  Though Sara was shy, Emily had a way of getting her to talk and forget about being afraid.

Her sister Katie was 8 years old.  Katie’s hair was straight and very long.  The color of her hair was chestnut brown. Emily found it interesting to watch Katie’s green eyes because they held curiosity and were an unusual shade, like the color of an emerald.  Emily thought of Katie as Sara’s other Mother because she kept Sara close, making sure people were nice to her.

Katie and Sara’s mom taught them from home.  Emily liked how polite both girls were.  The girls were a lot like their Mom, who reminded Emily of her own dear Mama.

Who is the Boss?

After Emily welcomed the Anderson girls to join them, they all ran to Emily’s playhouse. Their hair flying in the wind and carefree smiles covering each face made quite the picture. But, as Katie approached the playhouse Miley yelled,

“Hey, wait a minute, take your shoes off before going in the house!”

Katie stopped and sighed deeply before taking her shoes off. Sara looked at Emily as if to say, Who’s the Boss?

Once all the girls were inside Miley told them her plan.

“Okay, girls!  We are going to play house today. I am the Mom and all of you,” She said while pointing to each one, “will be my daughters.”

Emily studied Katie and Sara, who were looking at each other as if to say,

“Here we go again.”

Emily decided someone had to stand up to Miley. She turned to face Miley and said,

“Miley you can’t always be the boss.”

She took a deep breath and continued,

“There are four of us, we can take turns being the boss or maybe we can talk about what we ALL want to do.”

Miley’s face turned red and her eyes darkened.  She glared at Emily,

“Well!” said Miley with a huff,

“If you don’t want to play house and be my daughters, then I am going home!” 

The sisters never said a word.  They looked at Emily to see what she would say. Emily shrugged her shoulders and said,

“Okay Miley, if you want to go home, it’s your choice.”

When Miley realized that they would not let her be the boss she turned around and stomped out of the playhouse hollering out,

“FINE, I know when I’m not wanted!”